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Write Like it’s Yours Already

It happens a lot… friends or celebs or ads tell you about something that will change your life for the better.  I’m almost okay with getting smacked across the face with celebs and ads because it’s expected.  BUT… when a friend tells me about something that worked for them to change their life for the better, I always approach it with doubt.  (Seriously, who would ever want to be my friend?)  Too many people have suggested books, movies, and music that I absolutely hate and couldn’t connect to on a personal level that I have a hard time trusting someone’s recommendation.  I’m sure you’ve heard someone tell you, “You’ll love this movie!”  Right?  Then you probe a bit deeper to figure out the basis of this recommendation only to learn that their only reason for suggesting this movie is that they liked it.  Ummmm… unacceptable.

I know.  I sound like a heartless bitch right now.  Hopefully I’ll redeem myself by the end of this entry.  If I don’t… maybe I’ll make it up to you (and me) in my next entry???

Okay, so it’s hard for me to take suggestions from people.  It’s almost like if it’s not my idea, it’s not valid.  I can’t be the only one who feels this way.  I felt this same way when I was trying to name my son too.  People kept spewing suggestions and there was no way I’d take any of them.  It was going to be the name I came up with. I am not impenetrable, however, and the one time someone got through to me really changed my life.  I do have a handful of people I’ll allow to make suggestions.  They have proven themselves and I trust that they know me enough to weigh in and actually get it right.

I struggle with goals.  I struggle believing that I’m worth my dreams.  I struggle with visualizing my future.  I struggle believing that I can influence outcomes.  I always have.  I can point fingers and such but I’m 35 and I’m the only person who can set myself up for success (or failure) and I own that.  A friend once suggested to me that I write about the future I want.  Duh!  I’ve done that for years–since 3rd grade.  It didn’t help.  But he suggested I write about my future in the present tense.  He wanted me to write about things as though they were true today.  I wasn’t just supposed to list out my wants in the present tense, but I was supposed to explore how these things made me feel, provide specific details, and really dive into these things and ideas.

I was already on board with my gratitude journal so this was easy to incorporate.  Once I had made my gratitude entry I would flip to the back of my journal and bang out a page of actualizing my future in the present tense.  I did a lot of work on my job and money.  I wanted to take the next step in my career and I wanted to earn more money.  I began writing about being a property manager.  I got pretty granular with it.  I also got super specific about what kind of salary I wanted.  I wrote daily about it.  I really went in and kept at it.  Within 2 months I was offered a promotion and given raise that put me at a salary that was really close to my goal.  It was almost unbelievable.  I was given everything I wrote about in a pretty effortless way.

When you throw stuff out to the universe, it starts finding ways to make it happen.  When you vibrate at a certain frequency, it sets things in motion in ways that seem impossible to see.  But it has worked for me.  So, take my suggestion and start throwing your hopes and dreams out into the universe in super specific ways and watch your life change.

With all that being said, I need to take my own advice.  I haven’t kept this practice up much.  Why?  Did my own success scare me as it often does?  That’s just my head getting the best of me (as it often does).  That ends today… I will pick this practice back up because it’s the only way for me to train myself to welcome my dreams.  It seems silly but I assure you, this is the ONLY way for me to think about my wants and get them.

Stay tuned…


My Audience

Like every blogger (maybe?) I often catch myself telling friends that I need to blog more. It’s not like I’ve had some lengthy career to  warrant the comment.  Quite the opposite really.  But why do I say it?  And why DON’T I blog more?  I liken it to my cohabitation days.  Whenever I live with someone, my journal drastically changes tone because I feel like I’m writing for an audience.  I write with the idea in mind that whoever I’m living with is going to read my journal.  So, I have a certain audience in mind.  I can’t freely express my thoughts.  Perhaps this has a lot to say about the untrustworthy people I’ve lived with in the past and my horrible decisions.  That’s another topic for a rainy day–a REALLY rainy day or maybe even a huge snow storm that renders me stuck inside for weeks!

Is blogging the same for me?  Am I avoiding blogging for the simple truth that I just don’t want to either be transparent OR I don’t want to write with a specific audience in mind (all the people who may read  this now or will read this in the future)?

I feel like I’m good at a lot of things… but living, breathing, and being in the moment is not one of them.  My middle name should be anxiety.  Deep down I feel like this is the only barrier I have to successfully blogging… And, ummm, maybe living a full life (the latter being a bit more important–but just slightly, right?).  My comfort zone is small, warm, known, and something I’ve grown to love because I know exactly what to expect.  But I know there’s more outside the proverbial cave.  Dare I find out what the shadows represent?

I’m going to do my best to throw caution to the wind, forget my real audience, my fake audience, my future audience, and all agendas and I’m just going to write.

Wish me luck… and stay tuned!