Too soon for the heart-eyed smiley?

The answer for me is no… It’s not too soon for the heart-eyed smiley face.  In completing my gratitude journal for the day I found myself being grateful that I’m always dedicated to being truthful with my emotions.  I honor them.  I love sharing them.  In college I studied the British Romantics and I fell in love with them.  They didn’t mince words.  P.B. Shelley would try to describe the same  feeling over and over again but in different ways.  Not only do I honor my emotions but I try to dig through them over and over again to understand them.  I love sharing them and finding new ways to express the same heart-eyes smiley.  Ha!

What brings this all on?  Well, I kind of met this boy and I haven’t dated in such a long time so I’m completely off my game.  What do I say?  When do I say it?  Is it too soon?  All these questions run through my head because I don’t want to mess up.  Suddenly I realize that I’m best at being me and doing what I want.  The heart-eyed smiley is me now so I’ll send it.  Sure, I always run the risk of my feelings not being reciprocated.  That’s a real risk that exists in so many of our human moments in life.  But with risk comes clarity or reward.  I need to be okay with both because both are extremely valuable.  Luckily (with the new boy) I’ve been mostly rewarded and that feels fantastic!  I think if I stay true to who I am and what I feel, I can’t go wrong.  It’s not how others process me, right?  At the end of my life I want to look back and know that I lived how I wanted to live.


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