Don’t HATE 1/7 of Your Life

Every Monday without fail my Facebook feed gets hammered with crap from people who hate life, hate their job, and are just miserable.  STOP IT ALREADY!  Every week they act shocked at how fast the weekend flew by.  They want to “hide” from Monday.  They are counting down the days until next weekend.  Is it just me, or is that totally insane?  That is 1/7 of your life!!!!!  I’m so done with these people.  Don’t get me wrong, being overly cheerful and optimistic first thing on a Monday is annoying too but not as annoying as hating life every-single-predictable-Monday.

This doesn’t directly relate, but I majored in English, so I can tie anything together and make it make sense.  I’m finally on the Netflix bandwagon.  Life with the ex didn’t come with WiFi so I’m enjoying the hell out of it now.  Go me!  After being disappointed that Dawson’s Creek wasn’t an available show to watch (thanks to my twin for the empty promise) I decided to watch a documentary on Bears.  I’m pretty sure it was called Bears–look it up!  Anyway, the Panda Bear does something super cool.  Since they are solitary creatures for the most part, they use certain trees as bulletin boards.  They go up to a specific tree and first rub their head on it, and then turn around and rub their butt on it.  If one didn’t know better, one would think the bear was merely taking care of a few itches.  Alas, those simple rubs leaves behind a ton of information other panda bears can read.  Seriously, it’s true.  Another bear can pick up the gender, age, and health of the bear that previously rubed the tree.  That’s incredible–and I’m not just saying that because I have ZERO sense of small–I truly think that’s crazy amazing.

So… how does that tie into the population of Monday-hating people?  Well, this life hinges on your bulletin board, the stuff you put out that other people pick up.  We have these trees, these “bulletin boards” all over, right?  Social media definitely counts.  But then there’s our daily life… people we run into, our connections at work, friends, relationships, etc.  Every interaction is like us wiping our butt on a tree.  We leave important information for other people to interpret.  So, it might seem super insignificant to you, but if you check in every-single-Monday like it’s the worst thing to ever happen to you, I’m not going to want to be around you.  I can think of a million other examples of how people mark their trees that make me want to run the other way.

If you’re taking the time to rub your head or your butt against one of life’s trees, make it worth it.  I don’t wake up every morning, fling the French doors to my balcony open and have birds land on my arms.  But it feels good to make a difference, to be seen in a positive light, to be heard and taken seriously, and respected.

The PMS struggle is real today.  I’m extra grumpy, super sensitive, and just generally on edge.  *lifts arms to the sky, “Why, Mother Nature, WHY???????”


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